The Lamona garden at Beauty Point Cottages:

The Lamona garden at Beauty Point Cottages:

The Lamona homestead was moved by bullocky dray from Lefroy {a gold mining settlement across the river} to Beauty Point, sometime in the 1880's.The oldest plants in the garden are believed to be the pear trees, a legacy from Thomas Haslam's orchard. There is also a climbing rose, fondly known as "Haslam's rose"which happily climbs the chookyard fence.

For many years Rosemary and Doug Kerrison lived and gardened at Lamona, creating the beautiful garden it is today. Rockeries, stone steps and the "Cripple Creek" wind through the garden. The glorious liquid amber is their signature tree ...

Three Himalayan silver birch trees were planted for their three sons, and the weeping cherry was a precious gift from an old friend ...

When Lamona became Beauty Point Cottages the new owners planted lots of Australian native plants, mostly in the lower part of the garden, and the delightful Huon crabapple tree ...

Each owner has added their own treasures to this garden over the years ...

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